Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Finally Real Madrid wins the battle against Liverpool.... read report


Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool

Karim Benzema scores only goal as Brendan Rodgers rests seven players 

·  Martin Skrtel and James Rodriguez booked early in the second half
·  Gareth Bale replaced Rodriguez after 63 minutes 
·  Brendan Rodgers rested seven first-team players at the Bernabeu
·  Liverpool now third in Group B while Real have qualified for the last 16   

It could have been an embarrassment. It wasn't. So all's well that ends well. 
Had Gareth Bale not hit the bar, had Cristiano Ronaldo not taken an extra touch, had Simon Mignolet not had one of the best games of his career, the fall-out could have been very different. 

 But Liverpool's reserves only lost 1-0 in the Bernabeu Stadium last night. All things considered it was probably as good as could be expected. They didn't hope to win with a team like that. Did they?


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